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What Is Your Employee Brand?

March 21, 2018

Envision a city where employees know the mission statement by heart. Where citizen satisfaction surveys give employees high marks for delivering high-quality public services. Where employees think of themselves as ambassadors for the city. Now imagine a city where employees go … Read more

Engaging Local Government Employees

October 10, 2016

Employee engagement is a popular concept with a wide variety of meanings. One definition we use in academic research focuses on the energy, focus and dedication that employees bring to a job. Researchers have found employees who say they are … Read more

Boosting Employee Survey Response Rates

March 4, 2016

Response rates are one of the most important criteria for evaluating employee survey results. The higher the response rate, the more confident you can be that your survey results apply to the workforce as a whole. That makes sense: a … Read more

What Local Government Cannot Afford

July 18, 2014

Let’s begin with an idea: local governments cannot afford to be bad employers. Put another, way, without money to reward and retain good employees, local governments must seek to be the best employers possible. This means moving towards inclusive workplaces … Read more

To Ask Or Not? Deciding to Survey Employees

October 14, 2013

Have you ever wondered what employees are thinking and feeling about your organization? Whether they are ready to bolt for the next job or planning to stick around until retirement?