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The Local Government Workplaces Initiative seeks to help cities and counties improve their workplaces by listening to their employees. If you are interested in exploring the options, email to get started.

Research Contracts. LGWI offers contractual services including, but not limited to, secondary data analysis, employee surveys, focus groups, and employee interviews.

Basic Plan and Up. Basic employee survey packages start at $5000, including Tableau visualization of results and an hour-long conference call to discuss results. The survey instrument is comprehensive, covering an array of topics including teamwork, morale, workplace dynamics, structure, and employee satisfaction with benefits.  Participants receive, for their local government, percentage responses for each survey question, average responses by department, comparisons with other jurisdictions and anonymous comments from employees. We also do a small number of deep-dive sessions with employees to interpret survey results and identify ideas for improving the results. Beyond the basic plan, the cost of participation is based on the number of employees surveyed and the extent of survey customization.  Based on your survey results, we can work with you to identify trainers and consultants to assist your organizational development needs.

Consulting Assistance. LGWI works with a roster of consultants and UNC’s Center for Public Leadership and Governance to help you use survey results to improve the city/county workplace.

Employee Survey Topics. Employee surveys can serve a wide range of purposes: measuring employee morale, soliciting feedback on potential policy changes, estimating the demand for employee programs, understanding diversity dynamics, to name just a few. Below are just a few of the topics for which the research team has expertise and from which local governments can explore in their employee surveys.