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The LGWI Employee Survey Roundups are a low-cost option for surveying the employees of multiple local governments at one time. The survey instrument is comprehensive, covering an array of topics including teamwork, morale, workplace dynamics, structure, and different satisfaction indicators.

Participating local governments receive a password-protected Tableau dashboard that provides percent responses for each category of survey question and average responses by department. Responses to survey questions are categorized as excellent, good or room for improvement. We also provide anonymous comments from employees and create a dashboard that compares (anonymously) key survey results across jurisdictions.

The cost of participation ranges from $2000 to $10,000, based on the number of employees surveyed. Roundup participation is as follows:

2018 Employee Roundup Prices
Under 100 employees: $2000
101-500 employees: $3000
501-1000 employees: $5000
1001-2000 employees: $7000
Over 2000 employees: $10,000

Based on survey results, LGWI can work with you to brainstorm alternative solutions for workplace improvements and, if you are interested, work with you to identify trainers and consultants to assist your organizational development needs.

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